South Durras Bateman’s Bay 25th March

It has been quite some time since I have written anything so this post is going to be full of loads of pictures. The last few months have been fun and hectic. With only 4 more months left in Australia we are trying to see and do as much as possible before we go home. Leaving will be hard, we both love it here — we have met great people and seen some amazing places BUT we are super excited to see our family when we get home.

Autumn has probably been my favourite season so far in Canberra. The sun is still shining which has given us lots of opportunity to get outside and the trees have started to change colour which is beautiful. I have been really enjoying my ride to work especially along streets lined with trees like this one!

We have also been making the most of the remaining sun to go down to the coast whenever we can. Both of us have really enjoyed learning to surf while we have been here. Getting thrown around in the ocean is hilarious and when you do manage to actually ride on the wave it is the best feeling (and maybe a little bit addictive)! I can totally see why it is so popular here.

Broulee Beach surfing — couldn’t stop grinning, so much fun!

I wanted to make a special mention at this point to our wonderful friend Beth who kindly had us to stay over the Easter weekend at her family home on the coast. We had so much fun hanging out and appreciated both her hospitality and surfing tips :-).

Ben with Beth on our Costal walk cut a bit short by the high tide!

Another highlight back in March was our trip to Tasmania. For those of you who don’t know Australia well, Tasmania is an island just off the south coast of Australia. We went camping for a week and had a great time exploring Hobart, Port Arthur (one of the old convict prison’s) and the east coast. Tasmania is well known for its stunning landscape and coastline and certainly lived up to its reputation. We also saw loads of cute animals!

New Wallaby Friend trying to eat my dorritos
Wineglass Bay — Freycinet Park
Port Arthur
Having a good bounce at Mona Hobart, no need to go inside the museum when there is a trampoline outside!
Echidna in Freycinet Park — so cute!
Brits with the Queen at the Australian Parliament House

In the last month or so we have also been really lucky to get to spend some time with some friends who have visited Australia from the UK which makes home feel not so far away. Ella came over for a conference in Sydney and stayed with me in Canberra for a few days. It was great to show her around and we do some fun touristy stuff like see the parliament house, see the kangaroos and cycle around the lake. I’ve also been lucky to catch up with Sophie and Julius before they went on holiday to Japan and spend some time in Sydney and the Blue Mountains with Michele and her friend Jackie! Ben was mainly on his own adventures in Singapore when these things were happening though!

Wet ferry ride with Sophie and Julius
Blue mountains — Wentworth falls with Michele and Jacky
Ben on work trip to Singapore. It took us ages to choose this photo as for some reason he wasn’t smiling in any of them!!!

That’s all for now folks!