Getting started with hand-lettering

After starting to work full-time as a UX Designer in May, I began to realise how bad I am with side projects. My excuse was (and still is) that I spend all day working in front of an iMac…so I don’t want to spend my evenings doing the same. This is a really bad mindset I know.

But it was around a month ago that I attended the ReasonsTo conference in Brighton where I had the opportunity to hear a talk by Seb Lester. This left me super inspired ✨ to start experimenting with hand-lettering.

I mean we’ve all stumbled across those beautiful and inspiring hand-drawn quotes before, but never had I thought about giving it a go myself. Little did I know that this is the perfect way to have a creative outlet that’s off-screen!

This was my first attempt at an “inspirational quote” with a water brush pen

I had no idea where to start or what materials to buy but after doing some research I settled on some black ink, a sturdy sketchbook and my first water-brush pen. My collection has now expanded a little with the addition of yellow ink, new water-brushes and a calligraphy pen with a range of nibs.

…But what next?

So I’ve been experimenting and playing around for a month now and I don’t intend to stop. My next steps are to continue uploading posts to my Instagram daily (if possible) and to start playing around on an iPad Pro 🎉