The essence I get from this wonderfully-written poem is: that each individual life is not only a…
Beth Stormont

Every single one of us has a story which is unique with its own set of twists and turns. No two lives are the same regardless of the similarity because every individual lives their own life, telling their own stories. Every one of us lives a different life. The fact that every single one of us is unique makes for a whole lot of stories.

Stories left unsaid, or stories left incomplete often cause us to look back and think about the what if’s. It is often that we see the upside to the what if’s. The good that could have come off a certain event. That’s what sets the pace for regret, which creeps in slowly before it consumes you, causing you to forget about what’s at hand.

Imagine where we would be if each one of us lit up the path for another? Thank you Beth, for responding to this post. :)

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