Writers Are The Worst Of Cowards.
Kira Leigh

Hi Kira,

This is everything I’ve ever wanted to say. Everything I’ve wanted to say, but didn’t, or couldn’t because ironically, words failed me. The resonance I felt when I read this is something that words cannot do justice to. The need to be understood! A lot is read but not understood for there is a lack of reading between the lines.

Ask me, and I’d say I write to silence the millions of voices I hear in my head, so I’m left with the only one that matters. I write to understand myself better, and to reach out to people who might just be going through the same thing as me. Most of all, I write because it simply makes sense and I no longer know of a world where writing isn’t an integral part of me.

No, we’re not cowards. We’re a force of nature- a union of beings who choose to use written words to channelize feelings, thoughts, and emotions as opposed to the rest of the world that probably chooses spoken words to do the same. Maybe we bury ourselves when the world overwhelms us, but that in no way means that we stay there. We fight back nevertheless emerging stronger than ever.

Thank you for writing this post, Kira. It’s one of the most honest posts I’ve read in a really long time. You couldn’t have said it better. :)

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