Sometimes you just know,

When to let go.

When to set yourself free from the bondage of the uncertainties.

When to finally pay heed to that little voice that was right all along.

When to start believing that the future will bring with it happiness of unknown bounds.

When to reminisce in the souvenirs left behind and when not to.

When to no longer think that the pain is worth enduring.

When to give your soul that long waited rendezvous with your mind.

When to embrace the unknown and walk away from the baggage.

When to follow the careless whispers that will guide you through the journey up ahead.

When to breathe that breath of redemption and watch the world unfold before your very eyes.

When to shut the doors behind you for good, and open newer ones.

When it’s time to heal and let go of all inhibitions.

When it’s time to start afresh and take on life with a spirit renewed.

When to let time and space form divides with your past and present.

When to make peace with what was, and to anticipate what is to be.

When to stop holding on, and begin again.

And when you know, you know.

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