The Recipe to Life

By Natasha Kurien

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Patience — Let’s just go with, A Lot.

Love — A dash with every serving.

Humility — Two scoops for every accolade.

Risk — To be added when heart wins an argument with the mind.

Practicality — To be used when available.

Selflessness — To be added only when selfishness can make you appear selfish and no harm/loss can be incurred by self.

Smiles — Plentiful

Understanding — Apply when the brain shifts to overdrive and refuses to see beyond the obvious.

Uncertainty — Uncertain.

Humor — A dash here and there, to be used at one’s discretion.

Gratitude — Grate over every morsel produced.

Generosity — A generous handing.

Curiosity — To be dissolved when all doubts surpass.


Place all the ingredients in a vessel and gently blend together. Try not to beat it too fast, lest it splatters all over. Once blended, ensure that all lumps dissolve before moving ahead. Make sure batter isn’t too watery and has the right consistency. Set an oven to the right temperature and place the vessel in the oven. Once baked, remove from the oven and allow for cooling. Served best with a big warm smile.

The best recipes are the ones that you make yourself. The true essence of life is what you bring to the platter. What you can make out of what you are provided with, defines the quality of your dish. No amount of tried and tested recipes from your fellow chefs can make your dish any better than the rest. Only you can decide how you chose to blend in the ingredients and produce something worth serving. Sometimes it’s sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and on most occasions, it isn’t what you expect it to be. But you are accountable for it and regardless of how it turns out, it’s yours for the keeping. Sometimes you get to share it with others and sometimes you don’t. When you do get to, make sure that you put the best piece forward.

You get to be the proud chef of just one dish. Let your recipe stand out. Make the most of what’s available to you. By the end of the course, make sure that you don’t regret the crumbs you left behind.

Uncover that cloche and of course, bon appétit comrades!



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Natasha Kurien

On the road to self discovery-looking to make peace with the past, present and future. Living to learn and learning to live.