We are all connected. No matter how conservative you are in your online preferences, you still create the digital footprint — and it’s up to you to make it not just a mere collection of outdated comments or emojis, but a real personal brand.

Building Your Personal Brand Online: Checklist

1. Google Yourself

You have a couple of days to explore one of the greatest cities of the world, limited amount of time because you are travelling on business, and a curious teen who wants to be entertained. Does it sound familiar?

Hong Kong skyline

Theme Parks
Ocean Park

Workplace Well-being Hacks Learnt from Studying Japanese Tea Ceremony That Actually Are Not Related to Tea At All

Photo: mrhayata

You find it difficult to fall soundly asleep during hot summer nights? There are several simple tricks that will make you sleep tighter and feel better.

  1. Keep your bedroom cool all day

Tricks That Are Not Exactly Related to Your Work but That Allow You to Work Better

Explore several wonderful spots to unplug and recreate in the busiest city of the world

Many of us just don’t want to leave our babies with babysitters, and sometimes we just don’t have a choice except taking kids with us.

Natasha Kvitka

Thrilled to be. Proud mother. Japan lover. Avid reader. Amateur writer.

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