We are all connected. No matter how conservative you are in your online preferences, you still create the digital footprint — and it’s up to you to make it not just a mere collection of outdated comments or emojis, but a real personal brand.

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Good news are: you have all the tools and skills in your possession! All you need to learn is some basic tricks and frameworks to use them. Today we will look into some first steps you need to take to start build your personal brand online.

Building Your Personal Brand Online: Checklist

1. Google Yourself

Start with obvious — Google yourself. In order to receive results unbiased by your previous searches and activity, log out of Google or use incognito search.

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Google your name in different combinations:

  • first name last name;
  • last name first name;
  • “first name last name”.

The third option will only return results that have the direct inclusion of your name, and the first two will give you a broader scope where both words may be mentioned with some other words between them. …

You have a couple of days to explore one of the greatest cities of the world, limited amount of time because you are travelling on business, and a curious teen who wants to be entertained. Does it sound familiar?

I experienced this in Hong Kong trying to compile a list of places interesting both for me and my 13-year old. I would not be able to manage without advice from my local friends, and now I want to share this list with you.

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Hong Kong skyline

Theme Parks
Ocean Park

With great amount of kids’ attractions, aquarium, zoo, and many great observation points, Ocean Park offers tons of excitement both to kids and to their parents who alternatively can have fun or enjoy some rest while offsprings are busy.

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Ocean Park, Hong Kong www.oceanpark.com.hk

You will definitely need a full day there to take the most of it, so plan your visit to the Ocean Park on weekend or a day-off. Reserve some time to enjoy both the Waterfront and the Summit parts of the park connected by the Cable Car. …

Workplace Well-being Hacks Learnt from Studying Japanese Tea Ceremony That Actually Are Not Related to Tea At All

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Photo: mrhayata

If you are like me, you will be surprised to hear that studying classical tea ceremony can influence your work performance, office well-being, and quality of your networking.

But it won’t take long to find actionable insights right from the very first time you take part (or even watch) this meditative performance.

TL;DR 4 main principles and 4 practical takeaways that can be implemented in our daily life are:

  • Harmony;
  • Respect;
  • Purity;
  • Tranquility;
  • Attention to the details;
  • “It is weight that gives meaning to weightlessness”;
  • Give Without Expectations;
  • Do It Yourself — if you want it done right.

And for those who likes to dive into details, let’s explore all of these points, and start…


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Thrilled to be. Proud mother. Japan lover. Avid reader. Amateur writer.

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