EDTS240 — Week 3

  • When have you participated in a learning experience in which Directed, guided, independent has been a flow of learning? How did it help or hinder you to learn?

I believe that every time I am learning my teachers have used a directed, guided and independent flow of learning. Generally, I have been through this flow of learning in Maths classes, this is due to the teacher’s showing me how to do the equation. Then as a class, we would go through it step-by-step before doing a series of equations ourselves.

I guess it would help and hinder my personal learning, this is due to sometimes I would need more help and wouldn’t always have access to this help. But it would help my learning because sometimes I would enjoy being able to do the work myself.

  • How does Project Based Learning prepare students for the 21st Century workplace environment we researched and discussed in our first Module?

Project Based Learning is becoming more and more important within schools as well as workplaces. Students who are exposed to PBL at a earlier stage will be able able to understand how they can connect PBL with their real life.

This will also get students used to working with other people of differing abilities and differing work processes.

Students will also learn about solving open-ended questions through several different types of material and being able to work within groups means that students.

PBL is being used all around the world and for all different types of jobs, this means that students will be comfortable with their surroundings as they understand what PBL is and are able to contribute to whatever the problem may be.