Get Winter Ready!

Ever heard the all familiar saying “summer bodies are made in the winter”? Yeah…but its bloody cold, dark and miserable out there and so much easier to stay in wrapped up warm dunking biscuits into you’re tea right?

The winter can be a real motivational killer, and we often find a lot of our clients sign up with us in these months when the cold dark morning and nights appear, simply because they cant find that same motivation they once had in the summer sunshine… I can’t blame them either, it does make working out feel 10 times harder.

I have a few tips for you to keep your health and fitness together and remian motivated throughout this winter period!

  • Get yourself a PT or training partner:

Getting yourself a Personal Trainer is a great way of getting it done and an insentive to keep you training in the winter. You’ve handed over a large amount of your money, its very unlikely you are going to want to waste that and most PT’s have a 24hour cancellation policy, so you may think twice about snoozing that alarm or the session will be charged and lost! Having someone qualified and educated in this area makes a huge difference beacuse they know what works, they know what exercises, reps, weights etc you need to be hitting and can help push you and motivate you to get it done so all you have to do is turn up and get moving!

If you dont fancy spending money on a PT then find yourself a training partner with similar fitness goals to you, someone who also wants that little bit of encouragement and motivation, and by making a committment to each other to meet and hit the gym before or after work will more are than likely intsise you to go as you dont want to let your mate down. Training with someone makes it so much easier and also much more enjoyable too!

  • Plan in advance:

If you know you are getting up early to workout in the morning before your working day starts, make sure you get all your kit ready and keep it next to your bed, that way when you wake up in the each morning you know exactly where your stuff is and you dont have to rush around in the dark frantically looking for your lycra! prep your breakfast and lunch the night before ready to take to work straight after the gym, dont create extra stress for yourself, be prepared… it really helps!

  • Winter is Temporary!

We all know how fast these months fly by, soon enough you will be holiday shopping and panicking about packing your suitcases, ditching the oversied jumpers you’ve been living in the past few months and looking for that perfect bikini and swim trunks ;)… unfortunately these two items are much less forgviving so keep the exercise going all year round so you feel swimwear ready!

  • Think of the big picture, what is your why?

If you have a goal to achieve, for example to get in shape for your wedding next year, use that goal as your motivation, use it to fuel your body and remain motivated and committed throughout the winter period. If you dont have a goal, think of one, it can be big or small. What about entering yourself in a 10k race in 4 months time? That way you know you have to get fit and get the miles in, in order to complete it.

Find your why, prep your gear, work hard and enjoy those winter months!