Hot > Cold Weather

A few days ago, I miserably walked to my class in the freezing cold weather- the wind blowing my hair into my face- and I thought to myself: how could anyone possible choose this (the cold weather) over the warm weather? Everyone walking around me looked just as miserable as I felt, but somehow many people believe cold weather beats the hot weather. I don’t get it. Cold weather causes misery; warm weather is better for our health, our time, and our driving experience.

The thing with warm weather is that it’s best for our health. Sydney Epstein writes about the five benefits of living in warm weather; the five reasons being warm weather gets us more sunlight, helps us become more active, improves our memory, increases our safety, and helps our heart and lungs. With warm weather comes sunlight, and with sunlight comes vitamin D, and with vitamin D comes cancer prevention, higher energy levels, and strengthened bones. With warm weather, we become more active. When the sun is shining bright, we feel more motivated to get ourselves out of bed to enjoy the day and be productive, and that has been proven through teens who “are more active in the summertime and less active in the winter.” With warm weather, our body temperature is high. When our body temperature is high, our memory and alertness improve; therefore, when it’s warm out, our body temperature is always high, and our memory and alertness is always high as well. With warm weather, it’s also more convenient and safer for those people that aren’t fortunate enough to have a roof over their head. With warm weather, our heart and lungs are safer, because with warm weather, our body doesn’t have to worry about regulating heat.

The other thing about warm weather is that it’s best for our time and driving experience. An article on Boston 25 News, lists the top 10 reasons hot weather is better than cold, and a couple points from the article stood out to me: heat requires no shoveling of snow and less time at the gas station, and heat doesn’t form any traffic issues. With cold weather comes snow, and with snow comes shoveling, and that’s time consuming. Like the article points out, humidity does not accumulate, and it doesn’t consume our time. Also, with warm weather comes no traffic issues. The buildup of snow leads to black ice on the road, slow and nervous drivers, and increased time getting from one destination to the other. And that both affects one’s time and driving experience.

Of course, cold weather has some good things about it according to Megan Ulrich who writes about 7 reasons why cold weather is superior to warm weather. She points out that with warm weather comes sweat, and sweat on any part of our body leads to sticking onto chairs and ruining make-up. Also, the beauty about cold weather is the snow. She states how “untouched snow is beautiful.” It’s beautiful the way it shines and shimmers in the distance. With cold weather also comes the opportunity of snuggling up with a loved one whether that be a person or your favorite furry creature. Adding onto that, cold weather gives you the “perfect excuse to be a homebody.”

Between these three articles, two of which are for hot/warm weather while the other is against, there are a couple shared points: snow and productivity. Snow requires shoveling which is what Boston 25 News point out; however, Ulrich points out how the beauty of snow. Productivity is always mentioned between two articles against one another. Epstein speaks about how with the warm weather we become more active, because we feel the need to get out more when it’s warmer. Ulrich then points out how the cold weather and the accumulated snow outside the door is a perfect reason to binge watch Netflix and therefore, be unproductive for a few days.

With cold weather comes snow, and snow is definitely a beautiful sight… when it’s untouched. Glancing out the window at all the snowflakes is great, but walking through the snowflakes is not so great. Not only that, but once all those snowflakes accumulate onto your driveway, you end up with the problem of having to shovel it onto the side, and shoveling isn’t fun. It’s exhausting and tiring, and as soon as you’re done shoveling, it leads to wanting to lay on the coach for the rest of the night. And that’s where cold weather becomes a great excuse to be lazy for a day or so; however, the cold weather always leads to a few too many lazy days. With warm weather, our productivity and activity is more encouraged, because we don’t want our days wasted on the coach when the sun is shining. And even then, on the warmest days, there’s always a way to find an excuse to stay in and be lazy. Now, sweat is a problem during those hot days. It’s annoying when thighs become stuck onto any type of seating; however, sweat is good for the skin, and it’s something that everyone should want to add onto their skin care routine seeing as it cleans out a lot of the toxins in our skin!

Cold weather is nice for a little, but warm weather is nice for forever. All the “perks” about cold weather cannot be beat by the perks of warm weather. Warm weather is beneficial for our health, our time, and our driving experience.

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