Lost Treasures

Sometimes in life you lose things. I believe that everything can be lost. We lose things like our phones, that favorite toy when we were five, pencils, and school work. You can lose friends, dads, and believe it or not you can even lose yourself. We even lose anatomical things like our blood, body parts due to amputaion, kidneys, half a liver, our hair and even the tiniest little skin cells no matter what we do. If you want to get even more into it, us humans lose our sanity, our happiness, our ability to be motivated in life and that’s what I mean, there’s not one stupid thing in this world that we cannot lose.

My parents lost me to careless decisions. I wouldn’t say that they actually lost to me, but I lost them. At age 17 my mom gave birth to my brother, through keeping him she realize she wanted a different life for me. All my life I’ve been told I was adopted. Since I was little I’ve known that there’s another mommy and daddy out there who I belonged to first. They’re not messed up people, they just wanted what was best for me and for me to have parents that were actually married and together. We still lost each other.

When I was four years old I lost my dad to suicide. I guess you could also say that I lost my dad to himself. Everyone has choices, thoughts and little monsters that live in their head. My dad’s monsters took over him, his thoughts and his choices. Not only did my dad lose himself a lot of other people lost him too. Think of all the family and friends that lost him, the neighbors, and maybe even the acquaintances at the coffee shop that he barely even knew but affected by coming in every day. My dad lost out on a lot of opportunities, he didn’t get to finish watching my brother and I grow up, he won’t get to experience our weddings, or the chance of grandkids. I say if you’re a father you should stick around, you shouldn’t leave if you have responsibilities.

My mom lost herself to her own self. When my mom was 19 years old she broke her neck and became a C 5/6 incomplete quadriplegic due to her poor decisions. That night she had been drinking and had not slept for two days and she decided to drive. Just blocks from her house she fell asleep at the wheel and jumped a Canal bridge and rolled her car three times. No one made her drive, it was all her own decision. My mom would not be paralyzed if she had decided to stay the night or if she had called someone to pick her up, but that’s the thing, she chose to drive on her own. She looked to alcohol to lose her self and ended losing herself in a whole other way.

Somethings we can lose, but we can also find things again after we’ve lost them. In the process of losing one thing we can find another thing. That favorite toy we lost when we were five can be found again in later years underneath our dresser. We can find our happiness by getting help and by going out and doing the things we love. Family members can even be found again. On my graduation day I got the chance to meet my birth mom and my brother. My mom might have lost the ability to walk, but she has found out how to live her life again without the use of her legs and alcohol.

Sometimes there is a loss not worth the finding. People think they don’t want the pain, but sometimes through pain we learn things. By taking away your life, what is there to gain? All my dad got out of it was a lot less pain, but the real question is what did he find?

Since it’s so easy for us to lose things we’ve got to be more careful with what we do in life. There’s many opportunities we get to experience and if we’re not careful they can end in the wrong way. Although we can lose things, we can also find them in the end and that’s it we’ve got to hold onto. We’ve got to make good choices and have hope that everything in the end will be okay.