Halfway there..

We’re moving to Spain very soon, and I’m happy to say that our moving process is going well. Our stuff leaves Oxford on July 21st, and at the end of today, I can confidently say we’ll be ready for the movers. Pieces of our furniture are bought on Gumtree and leave the house everyday, then I reorganise the possessions that we have decided to hold on to so the place looks as homely as possible meanwhile. This effort is mainly for Alba, our 7-year old daughter, as I think it helps make her feel more comfortable. She knows we’re moving, and she’s very excited by it all, but I think an organised space is more relaxing for us all. In my opinion there is nothing worse when building up to a move than to live with stuff scattered all over the place and a sense of chaotic mislaying of stuff clogging up precious time with a constant sense of having lost something important. I like to keep on top of things.

We have decided that we’ll camp in the garden for the last 3 days in this property. All the furniture will have gone, and, unless it rains, it’ll be cosier in our tent. We can even cook on our camping stove. Clearly, we’ll have the use of the bathroom in the house, but I think it’ll be fun. Then, we’ll be off to Marbella. The movers estimate their arrival in Caceres for July 27th so we’ll hire a car and drive up to see them to unload our stuff into our new pad and then head back down to the beach, then fly back to Gatwick on August 9th to get the car, pick up our guinea pig and head across France and back in to Spain. That’s the plan. It’s all coming clear. Lets see how long that clarity lasts.

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