Timer.Text Code Snippet

In this code snippet I made a timer for my Roll A Ball.

using System.Collections;

using UnityEngine.UI;

using UnityEngine;

//libraries of the class, UnityEngine.UI added in

public class Timer : MonoBehaviour// Name of the script/ class


public Text Timertext; // Created a public text variable named Timer.text

private float startTime; // Declares a startTime/ float also meaning fractional number

void Start()


startTime = Time.time;// allows Timer to start at the very beginning, shows time since play is activated


void Update()


float t = Time.time — startTime; // displays time from when the timer first started

string minutes = ((int)t / 60).ToString(); // creates a string that will represent the minutes on the timer/ (int) indicating a whole number.

string seconds = (t % 60).ToString(“f2”); // f2 allowing number of two digits after decimals

Timertext.text = minutes + “:” + seconds; // prints timer to show minutes and seconds format



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