There is no way i was born just to pay bills and die..

I have always heard from people “this is the best age of your life you can do what ever you like”.. but whats ironic is that i have got this advice almost at every age.

When i was between 7 to 10 years of age i was told, “oh your just in primary school this is your time to have fun, high school will be so hectic”.

When i was between 11 to 16 years of age i was told, “ your so lucky your just in school, life is so much fun right now college will be such a drag”.

When i was between 17 to 20 years of age i was told, “ enjoy this time in your life once you go out into the world on your own, life is very hard, you will have to look for a job, an apartment,and so many other things, you will have no time to live your life”.

And now in my 20’s i am constantly told these are the golden years of my life and they will never come back, i will never have enough time to do the things i like, once i get married and start a family.

Listening to all this made me realize every year of our life is important, in fact it is very important to live everyday of our life to its full potential. I wouldn’t say we have to live life as we want or do the things we want because tomorrow is not certain, its almost become a cliche now a days. Everyone knows it but no one wants to accept the fact that we might not be here tomorrow. Harsh realities are always unpleasant and ideally best ignored.

What i have failed to understand is, how can any age be less fun or less adventurous? Isn’t every year you live supposed to be better then the previous one? We gain so much experience and so much wisdom that we move ahead and make better decisions which help our life improve for the better.

If we are constantly told that our future is boring or hectic or monotonous, thus we lose the will to look forward to it and we end up having a boring present as well.

The point i like to stress on here is that we forget to realize that every day we can have fun, everyday we can do the things we have dreamed of, we don’t need to be of a certain age to do something fun.

For example you don’t need to go partying and have random hookups when you are in your 20’s just because someone tells you that you will have to get married and settle down by 30. You don’t need to start a business when you are in your 30’s because people tell you that you would have to be financially settled by 40 to raise your kids.

My point is basically we need to do the things we love right here right now. I have always loved to travel but i was told save your money now because you are young, and you can travel when you get married with your husband which will be more practical, but what if i never get married? what if my husband doesn't like travelling? what if i am not financially stable at that time ? what if travel visa’s are hard to obtain? There are so many possible situations that can take place, and one thing i know for sure is i don’t want to regret not going after the things i love, because only i am responsible for my happiness and for my regrets. and i wouldn’t want to have many regrets .