“Racism can make black people crazy.”
David Chang

You probably shouldn’t have done a comparision using Sotnikova as an example considering the controversy regarding her win came not because she was athletic but because of possible judging irregularities. Sotnikova had never scored that high before and has never scored that high again. Nowhere close.

Figure skating is what it is because it’s based on figures. That’s what Bezic was referring to. Surya Bonaly did not have great edges. Meaning when she skated she skated on the flat of her blade not on the inside or the outside edge. When you skate on your flats your skating on a straight line. When she skate on an edge you're skating on a circle. Edges are to figure skating what the plie is to ballet. Without them you have nothing.

Sotnikova actually has strong edges from coming up through the Russian training system so it’s not a great comparision.

Surya wasn’t a complete figure skater not just because of her body type or race (though that played a part) but because of her fundamentals. Interestingly enough when she debuts at Worlds in 1989 they used to call her the little sparrow so it’s not like she was always thought of having the wrong figure type.

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