Attaching a mental or verbal label to an object, person or situation forms within us the illusion that we really ‘know’ it.

In reality we can’t ever fully grasp the depth behind creation, making everything and everyone ultimately unknowable. Words are limiting because the truth is so much greater that what the human mind can grasp.

Whatever we think we know probably only scratches the surface, we surely miss crucial connections and make assumptions based on our expectations and limited thinking.

By detaching the mental labels we can bring depth to our own reality. We become awakened as wonder arises within us. This reflects our own essence which brings us back to ourself and ultimately connects our soul to our Creator.

Of course words and thoughts are essential, the key is not to become imprisoned and limited by them.

Seeing the beauty in the sky or a flower or an ant could connect us with the purity within us and our true nature. The key is to practice consciousness, the more conscious connections we make the closer we get to God. 🌻