Lifes too short not to break some rules.

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Breaking the status quo in what we call Fashion.

I was reading a fairly old article from the NY times about the masterminds behind Vetements. It was honestly a great reminder about why I don’t consider my project in the realm of “fashion”, but instead just about clothing — shying away from trends or seasons.

Rules in fashion are made by the industry: the editors, the designers, the corporations who fund the whole thing. And so, genuine rule-breakers don’t come along that often. Fashion enjoys the status quo. It sells clothes, it makes money.

In the world of fashion, it’s all about producing as much as possible, putting out trends and creating demand. Little attention to what people actually want in clothing and definitely no attention to the impact it has to the planet.

Vetements. The “rebels” in the fashion world as they call it. They’re main focus is the clothing and little on trends or seasons. They put out what they want, one piece at a time, when the want. But funny thing is, people are going crazy for their clothing, paying thousands for a sweatshirt. Trend alert maybe? Who knows. Maybe designers, Alessandro Michele and Demna Gvasalia got it right.

The collections themselves include countless styles, worn every which way. There’s no trend, no given shape, no definitive singular statement.

For them, it’s not about the full outfit, it’s about the “individual entities: a great jacket, a great skirt, a good dress, nice shoes.” This is where I know they got it right.

It’s about:

The individual — the individual customer, the individual garment, the individualist look rather than the one dictated by a fashion designer or a fashion magazine…

And don’t forget about the planet.

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