The Decision

We had decided a few years ago that we wanted to make a trip to India but weren’t too sure as to when we would be able to financially pull it off. Jan had never been and since we had gone to Czech to visit his family in 2015, we thought it would be cool for our next trip to see where my family is from. I had been to India a few times and last time had been in 2011 for my cousin’s wedding, which meant I didn’t have a lot of time to explore India so being able to do it together was super exciting. But it wasn’t until my friend Katie told me that she was going to go in the winter and it would be fun to go together that we really started to take it seriously. So we started to work and save, then save and plan, which eventually led to saving some more and then finally booking our tickets! 6 weeks in India with 7 of our closest friends!!

Then came the boring stuff — making sure our passports weren’t expired, getting our Visas (which was an ordeal for a few of us), getting vaccines, debating on whether to take Malaria pills and trying to come up with a travel plan that would work for 9 people.

Lollipops after getting all of our shots

Since coming back to Canada, we have had a lot of people ask about our trip and it has been such a reverse culture shock being back. There were so many highlights, so many stories, favourite cities and sites, etc that we decided that this would be the best way of sharing those all with you. Jan made videos and is editing them into parts that I will include in future posts, I have so many photos and clips that I will attach as well and probably will steal photos from the others that were on the trip too!

Also, we have a playlist that was created through our travels that we made on Spotify. You can check it out here.

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