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Here at SuperAwesome, our mission is to make the internet safer for kids; to help accomplish this goal, our products power over 12 billion kid-safe digital transactions every month.

Digital transactions come in many forms and could be:

  • An ad served to a kid’s device through AwesomeAds
  • A video view on our new kids’ video gaming platform, Rukkaz
  • A like, comment, post or re-jam on PopJam

Every digital transaction is processed to be instantly available for real-time analytics.

In kidtech, kid-safety and privacy protection are paramount, and a traditional approach to analytics and data engineering wouldn’t necessarily be COPPA and GDPR-K compliant. …

At SuperAwesome, we’re committed to ensuring that team members grow and up-skill within their team, and the company as a whole. In this Women in Tech series, we’ll be looking at the career paths of various women working in tech within SuperAwesome — from engineers to product managers to everything in between.

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Natasha studied Computer Science at university and became a Data Scientist upon graduating. …

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Everyone needs to start somewhere. Becoming a trusted engineer takes time, effort, resilience and determination.

There is no magic sauce that you can drizzle on your dinner that will automatically help you blossom into the engineer you’ve always dreamed of becoming, but there are some things you can do to help you along the way.

I’m actually on this journey right now — I started in Data Science fresh out of university, which was mostly creating machine learning models and not much software development, but I then transitioned over to software engineering around 1 year ago. …


Natasha Mulla

Software Engineer @ SuperAwesome - an Epic Games company

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