“Man” or “Woman” as the exception — not the norm.

You can’t tell who’s who in this picture. Anyone can wear skinny jeans.

Imagine, if you will.

A world where gender is so irrelevant that to identify as one or the other — or anything at all — is absurd.

“Girly” is weird.

“Tomboy” makes no sense.

Butch, femme, straight, gay — everything goes out the window.

Imagine if it was the norm to love whoever you want.

Imagine if it was the norm to dress however you want.

Imagine if it was the norm to be comfortable with whatever is down there between your legs.

“But I don’t subscribe to labels!” you cry. “I’m already outside the gender binary! I don’t need your made-up, John Lennon/Ursula K. LeGuin/Jacqueline Carey universe.”

But that’s the point.

You already identify yourself as “other.”

Imagine if that “other” was the standard. The default setting for society.

Do you have any idea how much easier life would be?

Save on ink for restroom signs, for one. Ton of resources would go back in our pocket, simply by removing the need for specialization, segregation, specification.

Heck, maybe we should just turn over the gender campaign to environmentalists.