See Spot Fly.

What it means for a band to be on Spotify.

According to my high school art teacher, putting things in the center of an image is boring. Gorgeous guitar, though.

I’m proud of how far Council has come.

How do I know they’ve come far, when I don’t know the extent of their album sales or ticket stubs?

Because they’re on Spotify.

Spotify is the big leagues. Spotify says, “You can listen to me during your workout. Cleaning the kitchen. Whatever. You can tune in on the subway platform right before the train comes and you have a lick of Wi-Fi.”

SoundCloud and all that are great. They’re still wonderful and accessible, keeping the cred of your music as it generates listeners who are familiar to the music scene — the ones who gravitate towards SoundCloudy stuff in general, new artists and demos and the like.

But Spotify means you’re in this for keeps.