Ananteshwara Temple Visit

Listening to King Harvest — Dancing In The Moonlight

The Shiva Linga at Ananteshwara Temple

There was a reason she was 
so romantic about the moon.

It never asked her questions 
or begged for the answers 
nor did she ever have to
prove herself to it.

It was always just there- 
breathing, shining and in 
most ways humans can’t
understanding; listening.

Christopher Poindexter

I used to work at Poornaprajna College in Udipi and made it a habit to visit Udipi Krishna Temple Complex on Mondays and Thursdays.

Anantheshwara Temple is a Shiva Temple and has an ancient history that you can read about here.

My experience here has been to arrive on Mondays and light a candle and pray. It felt poignant to be back after 14 years and do the same thing; see a few familiar faces and start a new tradition :)

The old Diya with Nandi

I just realised that yesterday was 5/3/2017. 53 just reminds me of my old Volkswagen Bug Herbie…. I wish that I had visited my favorite temple yesterday given how much I love my car. I’m sure that God was with me during the many road trips I had taken :)