You don’t have to be a rich; pretty face to make it in Hollywood.

Finished watching Glow on Netflix. I loved it…. I feel like i can keep watching this show over and over again until I know the lines by heart.

This is one of the female oriented shows; where the women are very normal; the men are unavailable and not even perfect and the general environment is not even friendly or rich…. but still as it does in the movies; the human spirit thrives. There’s a lot of heart; lots of LA; lot’s of 80s references; lots of actors in LA having a good time….

It’s about a Women’s Wrestling Team; but honestly they are (not very well paid) Hollywood actresses and #MarcMaron is the B grade film director who is the brains behind Glow.

Filled with 80’s and Los Angeles references. I loved every bit of it. Many break out actresses as well. Thanks to Netflix for giving these fresh faces a chance.

Ruth the main character is a bit of a character whom you can’t really like; but I have to love her since she also drives a Yellow VW.