Review: Learning By Heart teachings to free the creative spirit

Learning by Heart teachings to free the creative spirit by Corita Kent and Jan Steward second edition Published by Allworth Press.

I was introduced to Sister Corita Kent by Risa D’Angeles who I follow on Facebook and who writes an Astrology column for Good Times Santa Cruz.

When I read on Risa’s page that there was a Corita exhibition (Someday is Now — The Art of Corita Kent) at the Pasadena Museum of California Art on June 29, 2015; I made sure to visit since I lived in Los Angeles at the Time. That was the first time that I bought this particular book of Sister Corita’s at the Museum gift shop. I LOVED the book. It has a little bit of India, Los Angeles, Bali; Native American and other cultures. It captures the Pop Art aesthetic of the 1960s and 1970s very well.

The one take away from the book was to create a sense diary with collected pictures; quotes; thoughts. This treasure trove will come in handy when you work on future projects.

Corita worked at the Immaculate Heart in Hollywood; and many of her former students continue to spread her teachings. The book has a collection of art assignments; which teachers and students of any age can work on.