Chapter 1

The Companion Soulmate

When I was 19, I met one of my soulmates in Italy on a study abroad trip. The relationship only lasted two weeks until I had to return home to the states. I hadn’t had my spiritual awakening at the time, so I never understood how I could have such strong feelings for someone that I barely knew. We instantly connected and it was as if I had known him my whole life. His energy felt so familiar and I felt so comfortable and safe with him. I recognized his soul when I looked into his eyes. Looking back, I now realize that he had already known we were soulmates. He had already been spiritually awakened to our connection. If I had known about twin flames at the time, then I probably would have thought that he was my twin flame. I never fell out of love with him and I knew that as souls we loved each other. The relationship was preparation for when I would meet my actual twin flame.

It took more relationships to help me realize that we have many soulmates in our life and that they can be our friends, family members or lovers. Soulmates come into our lives to help us awaken and to help us grow. When you ask the universe to be with your soulmate, you are really asking for growth. I now realize that in order for my soul to grow and evolve, I needed to experience a series of relationships that would eventually break me to the point where I had to learn how to love myself.

There are many articles online that will talk about all of signs that you have met your soulmate or that you are in a soulmate relationship, but I want to go deeper than that. I want to talk about why your soul pre-arranges for you to meet other souls for your growth and evolution and how this helps you ascend to unite with your twin flame. There has always been a divine plan that your soul helped to create before coming to earth. You and your twin flame arranged your life circumstance, your family, your place of upbringing, your genetic background, your personality and your relationships all before coming here. Your soul enlists the help of other soulmates to help you grow into the person that you are meant to become and to help prepare you for your eventual union with your divine counterpart. The different soulmate experiences that I have encountered are The Companion Soulmate, The Karmic Soulmate, The Pre-Twin Helper, and then The Twin Flame.

The Companion Soulmate is a beautiful experience. It is a soul who is very similar in frequency as you, whereas a twin flame is identical in frequency as you. The Companion Soulmate is a helper, a guide, a friend, a lover, a beautiful soul that is here to assist you in your growth. They are so easy to be with and talk to. They are part of your soul tribe and you feel energized just by being around them. I can usually intuitively tell when someone is a soulmate by looking into their eyes. I almost always catch a certain glow or glitch like I’m seeing into their soul. Maybe they are your children, your parents, your grandparents, your best friends, your cousins or your life partner. Maybe you date them for two weeks. Everyone’s path is different and everyone’s soul contracts are different.

It was painful to let go of the romantic soulmate relationship, but it had served its purpose and I always knew deep down that although I loved him and he loved me, I was always meant to be with my true reflection. I needed to experience a loving relationship so that later on when I met my karmic soulmate, I would have the strength to leave that relationship knowing that I deserved better because I had experienced love before. In a way, this soulmate relationship counteracted my karmic loop of experiencing betrayal, rejection, abandonment and loss.

You do not have to physically be with your soulmate for them to continue fulfilling their soul contract with you. Even after I met my twin flame, my soulmate would assist me in the astral plane during dream time and help me open my heart to my divine counterpart and bring us closer together. This is such beautiful confirmation of how soulmates are always working for your highest good. No one is ever forgotten and there is truly no separation.

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If you are in a position where you are being guided to let go of a romantic soulmate relationship, then please know it is only because you are destined for more. You are destined for sacred union and higher love, which is something that most ‘regular’ people don’t ever get to experience in their lifetime. You are being asked to trust in your soul and in your divine plan. This is only the beginning.