Chapter 2

The Karmic Soulmate

After I met my soulmate in Italy, I came back to the states and met my karmic soulmate. It was so immediate and I still wasn’t over the last relationship. My vibration was very low at the time because I felt like I was missing something. I felt like I wasn’t enough on my own and that I wasn’t complete without him. All of my baggage had been brought to the surface and I felt even more insecure than ever. What I didn’t realize at the time was that like attracts like, insecurity attracts insecurity. My karmic soulmate only mirrored back to me my own limiting beliefs about how I wasn’t good enough, lovable or whole on my own.

When you click into the right vibration, you call in those that you have soul contracts with. The karmic soulmate is the person who you wanted it to work out with. However, your Higher Self always knew that the relationship was never meant to be. It was only there to teach you something about yourself and to help you learn, grow and ascend so that you could be with your true love, your true reflection, your twin flame. It’s the “painful love,” but love is not painful and it took time for me to realize that the whole relationship was not based in love at all. It was based in fear of losing the other person, fear of not being good enough, fear of being alone, attachment and codependency.

The karmic soulmate is your catalyst for spiritual growth. Although they break your heart, on a soul level they are the ones that loved you so much that they were willing to break your heart, hurt you, betray you and abuse you so that you would grow and ascend. Most of these karmic soulmates tend to be on the narcissistic spectrum. The karmic soulmate or catalyst is another soul contract that you pre-arranged for yourself with your twin flame before coming to earth. You both knew that you would need someone to reflect your own unconscious wounds so that you could begin your spiritual journey back to one another and heal profoundly. The traumatic and painful endings of these karmic relationships force you to go within and seek out spiritual guidance and healing.

I started my ascension after the relationship ended and began my healing journey. During this dark night of the soul, I kept seeing 11:11 everywhere which is used as a triggering mechanism by your spirit guides for spiritual awakening and to help you remember that you have an energetic counterpart. A few months later, my karmic soulmate came back with insincere apologies, manipulative tactics and “crocodile tears.” My whole being was repulsed by his energy and I knew that I had to cut him out of my life for good, but it felt impossible because of the fear, obligation and guilt. He had a strong emotional hold over me because we still had energetic cords of attachments.

Karmic soulmates will come back if you are stuck in a karmic loop and if there is unfinished business between you. In order to truly clear the karmic slate between you and heal this push/pull dynamic, you have to step into your own power and stand up for yourself. This means cutting them off and walking away with even more confidence and self-love. We have given ourselves this test to see how far we have come and to see if we are truly ready to let go of the old and make room for the new. The Universe doesn’t test us. Our Higher Self tests us.

After months of going no contact, I ran into him again and felt love in my heart for his soul. I had been doing a lot of inner child healing and I actually felt gratitude for all of the pain and hurt that he put me through, because I could understand his pain and hurt. I could understand the deeper lessons behind our relationship and how it was helping me in embodying my Higher Self. Our soul contract was complete. By hurting me, he had helped me. I had become stronger. I had found myself. I had empowered myself.

It can be very intense and painful to deal with these karmic relationships. Karma is a scar in your energetic field from a past traumatic event either from a previous lifetime or early childhood. This scar sends a signal out into the Universe which attracts you to similar people, places, times, things and events from that past painful experience. If you don’t clear the karma, then you end up in a karmic loop where you continue to attract people and experiences that make you feel betrayed, rejected, abandoned, unworthy and not good enough. This is exactly what happens to people when they attract a twin flame catalyst. In most cases, people attract soulmates who come into their life for a brief period of time to help prepare them for meeting their twin flame.

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If you are struggling with a karmic relationship, then please know that you are not alone. You are loved eternally and unconditionally by your own soul. These wounds are only being brought up so that you can heal profoundly and be with the person that is truly worthy of you. You would not be going through this if you were not capable of overcoming it. You are a strong, capable and infinite being. Your soul knows that you can handle whatever challenges come your way and that in the end it would be worth it.