Chapter 3

The Pre-Twin Helper

After I met my karmic soulmate or catalyst, I met my “pre-twin helper.” The pre-twin helper is a soulmate who comes into your life for a brief period of time to help prepare you for meeting your twin flame. The pre-twin helper is sometimes mistaken for the actual twin flame, but is actually a twin flame catalyst. However, the way you interpret this experience is completely dependent on your own unique, individual journey and does not have to happen to everyone.

The purpose of the pre-twin helper is to help you grow and ascend at an accelerated rate so that you can unite with your twin flame. They help you awaken. They mirror to you the blocks that need to be cleared before you meet your true, divine partner. The experience helps you clear the highest priority karmic imprints and energetic blockages that would otherwise hinder your ascension and reunion process. The experience is truly for your highest good even though it may not seem like it at the time.

I always had a subconscious knowing of my twin flame and I unconsciously projected this soul memory of my beloved, divine counterpart onto my pre-twin helper. I didn’t even know what twin flames were at the time. I consciously believed that he was who I had been looking for and that the events leading up to our meeting were so synchronistic and that we had the same essence, but a deeper and more intuitive part of me always knew that it wasn’t meant to be and he wasn’t who I thought he was. Because I had been through so much pain already, I was content in my own illusion. I had a veil over my eyes and I didn’t want to see the relationship for what it was. When he revealed his true colors to me and the illusion shattered, I was completely devastated. I ended up experiencing the same betrayal, rejection, abandonment and loss that I so desperately wanted to avoid and found myself immersed in a strong relationship karmic loop.

I truly did not think that I would ever get over the pain and be able to move on. It felt like the ultimate rejection. Finally, my Higher Self and spirit guides revealed to me that he was not who I thought he was and that my answer lied in attracting a healthy, romantic, spiritual-based relationship with my twin flame. This was the first time that I had ever heard of the term ‘twin flame.’ I didn’t know anything about what a twin flame was or what the experience entailed. I continued to heal my childhood wounds as so much trauma had been brought to the surface. I was then given guidance on how to love myself, how to stay in a high vibration, how to connect directly with his soul and how to energetically invite his presence into my life, so that I could align with true love. My Higher Self guided me to learn about energy healing so that I could heal myself and be prepared for the next chapter of my life. I remember going to a healing touch workshop over the weekend during my senior year of college while all of my friends were out enjoying the last few months. I really didn’t understand why I was doing all of this work, but my Higher Self reassured me that I would meet my true, divine partner soon and that energy healing would help immensely. Months later, I met my true twin flame.

Have faith and trust in your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is always looking out for you, loves you unconditionally and is always guiding you to your divine counterpart. Even if things don’t make sense right now, everything will be revealed in perfect timing. Your soul knows what its doing. Your soul knows what you want even better than you do. Surrender to your Higher Self and ask to see the truth.

“I am in alignment with my Higher Self and Divine Will.”

I feel so passionate about this topic because there is so much misinformation out there about soul connections. Many people confuse a soulmate or pre-twin helper with a twin flame. This creates a lot of confusion for people who are just trying to seek answers. The pain and the heartache that you feel is a call from your soul to go within and ask your Higher Self. Only you know who your soulmates are and who your twin flame is. No one can say that you cannot know who your twin flame is and that it is impossible to know. You and your twin soul are deeply connected and you know each other already. You know their energy. You will recognize each other.

If you feel that you are going through a pre-twin experience, then I highly suggest you read about soulmates as well. Many people believe they have met their twin flame, when they have actually met their soulmate and could not differentiate between the subtle energetic nuances.

It is possible to clear your energy and sharpen your intuition to the point where you can not only access your Higher Self, but embody your Higher Self and have the ability to know who your soulmates are and why they have come into your life.

You can use my FREE Aligning with Divine Love Meditation to cleanse your aura, center you in unconditional love, and connect soul to soul to your true, divine partner. This is exactly how I was guided to call in my twin flame.

I have read a lot of different articles online that talk about sacred soul connections and I understand that it can be painful, frustrating and devastating to think that someone is your twin flame when they are not. It is equally as frustrating when you are going through a genuine twin flame connection and there is so much information out there that triggers you or makes you doubt your intuition. Twin flames going through ascension are highly sensitive to outside energies. Everyone’s path is different and that is how it is meant to be. Honor your own experience. It is my hope that people will become their own gurus and learn to trust themselves, their soul’s wisdom, their Higher Self and their divine plan. The truth is that you don’t need to go to a psychic or an intuitive for answers. You have the answers.

Someone else may have a good understanding of the ins and outs of this journey, but they won’t have the perfect understanding of you even if they can read energy. You know. You have the perfect understanding of what you have been through, why you have been through it, what you are going through, why you are going through it and how to get to union with your twin flame. Your soul has always had the blueprint.