Chapter 4

The Twin Flame

After my pre-twin helper, my Higher Self and spirit guides revealed to me that my answer lied in attracting a healthy, romantic, spiritual-based relationship with my twin flame. I didn’t know what twin flames were, but over time I realized that all of the sacred soul connections I had experienced up until then with my soulmate and karmic soulmate were there to prepare me for meeting my true love, my true reflection, my twin flame. My Higher Self reassured me that this was the man I was meant to be with in this lifetime. He was looking for me too, but I had to begin healing my childhood wounds and learn how to truly love myself before we met.

As I began to connect with his soul and Higher Self, I could feel his energetic presence and unconditional love. His Higher Self was holding my hand, helping me, guiding me and showing me how lovable and perfect I was for him. I knew in my heart that I would meet him within the year and I did. When we first met, I didn’t consciously know it was him and yet on a very deep, intuitive, soul level I knew. It was only until we were physically separated that it was revealed to me that he was my twin flame.

“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

Our initial meeting was surreal. He was more like me than anyone else. He was so familiar and it was as if we had known each other our whole lives. There was a sense of intimacy, deep appreciation, acceptance and trust. There was an undeniable attraction, magnetism, chemistry and compatibility on a soul level. I felt completely safe to be my true, authentic self with him and he ignited a passion in me that I never knew existed. As twin flames, we both share the same core frequency, the same essence. We are the same soul in two bodies. We are yin and yang. When we kissed, I felt a strong energy surge from the base of my spine and shoot up my spine to my crown, which was my kundalini rising. When I looked into his eyes, it was as if I was seeing my own soul being reflected back to me. He activated my heart chakra and I activated his. We had always been deeply in love with each other. We had finally found one another. As our souls recognized one another, our ascension process began.

“Everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for.” — Unknown

Twin flames are an exact energetic match. If you still have energetic blockages, cords of attachments and past-life karma then it will not be possible for you to stay together in harmony. This is why our souls decide pre-birth that we will meet our twin flame and then physically separate so that we can work on ourselves, unite energetically and reunite in unconditional love. In order to unite, we must be completely free of all the energy we have taken on from this and all past lifetimes that is not in alignment with our shared core frequency. This purging process is known as ascension and it happens for you. During this ascension process, your soul will bring up the fears and core wounds that need to be healed so that you can be energetically free. Your twin flame is your brightest mirror and they will reflect back to you all of your inner shadows so that you can heal profoundly. They mirror your deepest desires, needs and fears. They mirror your greatest beauty and strengths. They will always reflect to you the energy you hold within yourself, until the only thing left to reflect is your own energy of supreme self-love. The inner alchemy is what is reflected in the mirror.

Your twin flame can never forget you. You are connected heart to heart through a silver cord. They can run and hide, which is only their ego trying to escape their truth — which isn’t possible. The soul and the soul’s will is so much stronger. If your twin flame runs from the connection, then they are just afraid of being rejected by you. It’s not because they don’t love you or want to be with you. They are very sensitive and tend to pull inwards with all their emotions. They love you so deeply and it scares them because they do care behind all the walls. No matter what the situation is, your twin flame loves you unconditionally and wants to be with you.

When I connected with my twin flame, I experienced a kundalini awakening and became more and more energetically sensitive and intuitive. I began to awaken to my true self, to my souls purpose, and to my mission here on earth. Because of our strong telepathic connection, I could feel my twin flame thinking of me, I knew what he was feeling, I knew things about his past and I could experience remote touch and remote sexuality with him. I started to astral travel with him and experience chakra activations in my dreams. I started seeing 11:11 after a long period of absence. I started seeing his name and date of birth everywhere. We even traveled to the same countries around the same time. There will be many signs and synchronicities and the experience itself is almost supernatural. You and your twin flame are one. Separation is an illusion.

At first, I was frightened of the strong, intense feelings of unconditional love that I felt for him which I had never felt for anyone before. I also didn’t know how to handle not being able to communicate to my unawakened counterpart at the time. After connecting with my Higher Self, I began to realize that I was actually here to help him awaken. He had taken on much heavier and denser energies as most of the masculine twins do. They are more congested with blocked energies and they are carrying the male templates, so they are not in touch with their intuitive and spiritual side the same way that the feminine twins are. The Divine Feminine is really here to assist the Divine Masculine in their spiritual awakening and ascension process. We chose it that way and that is what unconditional love is all about. I realized that if I wanted to reunite with my twin flame then work had to be done. I needed to clear all of the baggage from hundreds of past life times as well as the energies that we both took on which we wanted to shift for the collective. Twin flames are here to break down the old paradigm of love and relationships and bring forth new templates of unconditional love.

During this time, I realized that part of my mission was to create a safe container that would transcend all of the discordant belief systems and energies around the twin flame experience. I was also here to bring a more transformative awareness about love to everyone on the planet. I began to understand that if I wanted to align with my twin soul, then I needed to align with my soul. If I wanted to align with my highest love, then I needed to align with my highest path. I realized that it takes both surrender (yin) and choice (yang) to reunite with your divine counterpart. I had to surrender to my Higher Self and divine plan, but also follow my inner guidance and take the necessary action steps to align with my divine union. With this intuitive understanding, my coaching business was born.

There has always been a divine plan that your soul helped to create before coming to earth. You and your divine counterpart arranged your life circumstance, your family, your place of upbringing, your genetic background, your personality and your relationships all before coming here. Trust your Higher Self and follow your soul’s blueprint. Connect with your twin flame’s Higher Self and ask for help. They are always with you as their fully awakened soul self and they can help you clear the fear and heal the wounds that are in the way of your union. You may feel your twin flame’s Higher Self holding your hand, holding your waist, kissing your cheek, making love to you or sleeping next to you in bed. As you start loving yourself more and more, you will start to feel them with you energetically. By loving yourself and dropping into your own heart space, you are connecting with their soul and helping to awaken them to their true self.

Everything starts out energetic at first, so as you feel love for yourself and them and interact with them energetically, spiritually and emotionally then you can manifest them into your physical reality. It all starts with self-love, self-appreciation and self-acceptance. If we can’t allow ourselves to feel the way we want and feel as if we already have it, then we won’t be able to manifest it into our reality. The more we start to unconditionally love ourselves, the more we allow true love to flow into our lives. You are the creator of your own journey. Your souls are powerful enough to make reunion happen as long as you do the necessary healing work.

You can use my FREE Aligning with Divine Love Meditation to cleanse your aura, center you in unconditional love, and connect soul to soul to your true, divine partner. This is exactly how I was guided to call in my twin flame.

Since twin flames are the same oversoul, any work you do for yourself will be helping them as well. Your twin flame is YOU in another space-time location. You will be helping all of your other incarnations from past and future lifetimes and parallel realities. This work will raise your frequency and align you with your highest timeline.

As I follow my highest path and purpose, I know that I am aligning with my highest love. I AM love. I AM my beloved essence. I AM my perfect, divine counterpart. I AM healed. I AM in Divine Union with my Twin Flame. And so it is.