How do you feel to be a Diamond after death?

When I first learnt about this option within my research in the UK, I felt that it gave me inspiration to think of it with no fear, to approach this important topic with more awareness and reflection of what is going to be with my body after death, even if my choice might be something else. It gave me a beautiful perspective and endless human touch with my beloved ones and with nature.

I could hardly imagine myself as a ceramic urn standing on the shelf covering from time to time with the dust. Diamonds are associated with a gift…

I love life and thanks to this project I appreciate it even more. I understand that I will die one day like all people even if medicine propose to replace all my organs and I became a walking surrogate. It’s not just about getting immortal physically or virtually, it’s about value of life here and now, in self-fulfilment, natural happiness and love of life. And no matter when we check out this wonderful life, there would be less regrets or no regrets at all.

I deeply care about my body after death and virtual me, which can be created due…

What are your first thoughts of death?

Most probably fear, heavy pain, unexpectedness, regrets.

My Story

​Before my Mom’s death I lived in a fuss as many people. I couldn’t think of my beloved one’s dying. And when it happened untimely on June 14th 2008 my world was crashed. The first days, being in shock, it seemed I became a part of a big machine where we were told what to do and to make decision quickly. Funeral ceremonies and rituals worsened my infinite grief. …

Why this topic is important?

This topic is important by one main reason — it intimately concerns every human on Earth and is directly connected to everyone’s life. Albeit its natural importance death is still treated as an aged topic, though it has no age at all. It is a part of our life cycle, no matter how much time we’re are to be here. Seems an obvious fact, right? But due to its long-term taboo and cultural reasons recognition of this fact in our current life is quite low. It can be checked by the following questions:

What are…

Screen shot: Back to the Future

If you think about creating Airbnb, Uber, some innovative stuff like in Back to the Future or finding new opportunities for your business, this post is for you.

Lets have a look at three areas where ideas for disruption are hidden:

  • environment
  • yourself
  • users

Also books — a number of them you can check here.

Disruption hidden in Environment

Кадр из фильма “Назад в будущее”

Если вы думаете, как создать новый Uber, Airbnb, что-нибудь похожее из фильма “Назад в будущее” или открыть новые возможности для своего бизнеса, этот пост для вас.

Не важно, в какой области вы работаете, в ней постоянно происходят изменения. Если вы принимаете их, то потребность в новых решениях для вас вполне естественна.

Где искать возможности для создания инновационных решений:

  • в среде,
  • в себе,
  • в пользователях.

Также можно посмотреть в книгах — список рекомендованной литературы ниже. Если есть дополнения, буду рада комментариям.

Ищем инновационные решения в среде

После посещения первого дня Lean Startup Russia родился этот пост.

Пришла на конференцию из-за своего проекта Circle of Life и первая реакция из-за разной информации была вот такой :)

OMG!!! (кот Саймона)

Потом родилась шпаргалка из 5 стратегических шагов на вооружение тем, кто зарядился своим проектом.

Понятие «стартап» в силу своей популярности стал размытым и используется в разных целях. Мой фокус направлен на тех, кто:

  • дорожит своим временем,
  • готов выйти из зоны комфорта,
  • действительно любит свой проект, а не только хочет сделать бизнес.

Также информация полезна и для текущих проектов.

Сюда же вмешала свой опыт и знания экспертов, собранные в этом году для…

Taking into account the problems with available cemetery space, annual price growth, and trends involving sustainable practices, the more personalized options of less pricey “Circle of life” elevates recognition of such trends in a less stressful untraditional, more natural way and on a much bigger scale.

While visiting the “Death Café” event in Stratford-upon-Avon, I received a valuable insight: many people simply need a place or an opportunity to speak about death and the painful experiences surrounding personal death “events” which they have endured and then felt compelled to keep bottled up inside. This has nothing to do with a…

After making my first round of research in February a Memorium turned into a Museum.

Though my journey was focused on a remembrance and a Circle web-service for engaging people to capture and keep memories, in a whole Circle concept it is considered as a supplementary part with engaging goal “how to be a part of a Museum”.

In the beginning there were different variants how to visualize a building and what mission it should play. There were amazing variants with a heart (many thanks to Ivan Meshcheryakov), a cathedral, a castle and Stonehenge by Egor Sekirin.

After brainstorming with…

I made different tests: online test, street interviews; the whole Circle of Life concept test and just Circle web-service.

It was a challenging experience, because when you are passionate about an idea it is quite hard to be objective and look at the project with the fresher eye of the audience, especially in the first iteration, but thanks to informed and inspired feedback the web-service was improved.

Overall the test showed the positive feedbacks. While testing just a web-service it was treated as merely another social network and automatically compared to Facebook and Instagram. But when I presented a Museum…

Natalia Shipilova

Life and Innovation driven. Digital Strategist / Concept Developer. E:

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