Eid Al-Fitr’s celebration

Hi its me all oveeerrr againnnn!

Today im going to share my Eid Al-Fitr story back then. It’s always been a tradition for me and the fams to visit my grandparents house in Sumedang because I haven’t got any chances to visit the grandparent from my dad in Medan. visiting grandy and granny was always a good idea for me to take a bit rest from urban life. And Eid celebration becoming the right chance for me to go. But this Eid, it felt like I didn’t really want to go there because I needed to see my friends. I miss them all. I was halfhearted. That made me feel gloomy. But also, I wanted to go out of town, smh.

My grandparent’s house is located in a little village far from Sumedang city. The village’s environment is still pure surrounded by rice fields and forests. Is that how supposed to be, isn’t it? Take a break of your hectic schedule and you go out of town to relieve your stress before you start again your journey.

One of the biggest celebration in Islam was coming. Eid Al-Fitr unite us all. One by one group of family came to my grandparent house to make silaturrahim. Believe it or not, we had none of big family portrait in our house until I decided to take some photos of us together back then. This only a half of my moms fam. the other half was coming separately.

dont look at my face.

I love to be close to my grandparent. I helped granny in the kitchen. You should know the kitchen is located in the backyard and my granny still using firewood to cook. Can you imagine how interesting is that? The taste of the food she cooked was also different. It tasted more delicious. I wish I could put some photos of food she made but I wasn’t planning of writing this story so i didnt. I followed grandy to garden. He talked and i listened to him. I was happy being near with both of them. One unfortunate thing was, I COUDNT EAT MANGOS, because the season hasnt came yet. please imagine how sad i was.

In Sumedang, every morning I woke up exactly at 7.30 am o’clock. Meanwhile ive never woke up that early in my town. I always wake up for around 10 until 11 am. I woke up and I was directly ranning into the backyard and saw my granny cooked. Breath in village’s air was one of the good thing in the morning. Its time for us to take a bit time for saying that were thankyou to god for what we got. living here for only a week made me feel amazed. You know what made me thought-provoking? The affection between my grandparent. They’ve lived together for almost 50 years. I took it when they were talking to each other. i adore them. So much. I always wonder how they survive living in a little village, how they started to like each other, how they facing bunch of problems together, etc. There must be something special and I wanted to know. Someday I will ask them, lol.

This is what they look like.

the dusk was also heard them when they were talking.

And this is the three of us, me, my granny, and mom. It was taking before I went to mom’s reunion. Pardon my messy and uncontrolled face. You can see I even take none of either mom or granny faces. I don’t look similar to both of them, lol.

i didnt know my hair was that messy back then.

i wish i could write much longer of my story. but now its enough i guess. ill continue when i aint lazy, lol.