I don’t want to lose you.

There, I said it.

It fears me whenever I think of finding someone next who is not you.

I have loved you because I see home in your eyes,

And embrace,

And the smile,

And nothing has convinced me to stop except the thought that this is just meant to be for awhile.

It is toxic to stay.

Because I ignore your mistakes and think that is just your way,

I figure it kills me slowly,

And I’m changing into the person that I never want to be.

You are still hurting from the wounds and scars from the past,

I try to tell you it will never last,

But then I think, scars and wounds are there when the feeling is still there.

So I realize that you still love her.

And I can’t love someone fully if they can.

I decide to take a few steps back further,

As I’m trying not to leave you with more scars and add some for myself to even bother.

— n.f.r // I love you and I miss you, but my ego has sealed my mouth.

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