5 ways to do Netiquette Right

In the big bad world of the internet where anything is possible sometimes you can get a little lost or bogged down with how to act or write. So I’ve racked my brain and narrowed down a few key tips and tricks to follow:

1. Be Unique

People sense ingenuity and you should try to tap into your own original style if you want to both grab the viewer’s attention and separate yourself from the hoards and masses floating around the net.

2. Spell Check!!!

Theres really no excuse! With so many editing software tools available, also with the sheer ability to proof read your own work, I find it completely inadmissible to include errors in one’s work.

3. Be respectful

It’s always better to employ common courtesy on the net. In the fast paced exchanges and electronic content, we should all remember that we are all humans foremost and should try to be kind and respectful of everyone else. Interact with others as you would want to be interacted with.

4. Be Succinct with Responses

Wasting someone’s time with nonsense is worse. Prolonging the time you take to reply to someone’s choice of contact, whether it be a tweet or DM is not the best way to facilitate a relationship with someone. If someone posts a reply or comment on your work, it’s both beneficial to you and the other person if you respond and facilitate dialogue.

5. Be Interesting

Put yourself out there and see what happens. In the saturated pages of the net, its easy to fall out of touch or become diluted in other people’s content. Follow your passions and publish original content!

Hopefully this helps and best of luck to everyone!

All images and gifs taken from Giphy.

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