Connecting the Dots: the power of cross-disciplinary conversations about writing

What happens when you take teachers from math, science, and English, and combine them with an instructional technology coach and a literacy coach for four hours on an average school day?

They talk, share, learn, grow, and create!

In this fresh post, NBC Director and Writing Coach Christopher Bronke muses,

What transpired was some of the best professional learning I have been part of in a long time because walls were knocked down and bridges were built all in the name of providing a consistent and connected writing experience for all students in all classes. Sure this one four-hour workshop with only about 10 total teachers isn’t going to change our culture or curriculum on its own, but it was a hugely important first step because of what we learned.

What did they learn? Find out here as Chris shares with you the top five lessons learned about writing across English, math, and science classes.