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In the eternal quiet

I feel lonelier than ever

To feel at one

Is to realize

You were always alone

So I dance

I dance with myself

For what else am I to do

Than be the show

For all those still hiding

They say ignorance is bliss

Though it is perhaps the farthest from

But knowledge is loneliness

And that

We are never told

Yet despite being alone

I have never felt so whole

I wouldn’t trade my wholeness

For all the things

I can hold and have

Whole we are alone

Broken and separate,

We are together

The one dances to be the many

The many dance to find one

Remove time,

And this too, is one.

Through acceptance:

All twos become one

All fears become love

Empty or full

Lonely or together

It all goes beyond

Because it all comes back to itself

Written by

A sense of self exploring the Self. @natcarson

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