Haggis tastes like scabs and there are So Many Wizards

Keep your smoothies right
by Josh Tyson

So Many Wizards. Such a great name for a band. Haggis Scab is also a good name for a band, but only a Scottish death metal band. So Many Wizards isn’t scabby at all. It’s dreamy and wall-of-soundy, inspired by Syd Barrett. So imagine you’re caught in a swirl of glittering Merlin cloaks as these distant but warm chaps dance dervish circles around you.

The track “Just Poison” sounds great as interlude music in episode #109 of Natch (food news eventually podcast). From their sophomore album Heavy Visions (April 14, Lollipop Records), it will make you want to do some crazy happy shit, like naked cartwheels in the sand!

Press play, yo

Here, we talk with frontman Nima Kazerouni about his smoothie game, relocating to Tuscon, and cooking for kids.

We love singing falsetto. Do you have a special tonic or tea that keeps your vocal chords so flexy?

I drink a café con leche every morning. I don’t know why my falsetto still works.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever eaten on tour?

We all ate haggis in Edinburgh, Scotland. We did it out of respect when we were offered the beloved food. Tasted like scabs. Sorry for the visual.

Do you like to snack in the studio?

Our buddy Scott Barber always has chocolate-covered coffee almonds in his studio so we’re always way too wired when we record. Maybe a good thing.

What do you typically eat or drink to celebrate wrapping an album?

We cheers to band-fund beers. Sometimes we splurge and get band-fund tacos.

Press play, yo yo

If you could only grow three things for your family to eat in 2017, what would you plant?

We would transplant an avocado and banana tree and grow some kale so at least our smoothies would be right.

Found this quote attributed to Syd Barrett: ‘I’m full of dust and guitars.’ Sounds like he would have been at home in Tuscon.

Yes, Tucson is dusty, which adds to the hazy haze. He would have loved it.

Where’s the best meal in Tuscon?

This place called Eegees. They have the best ridged fries and ranch. Classy meal.

What’s a go-to meal you prepare for your kiddo (we make tuna melts for ours)?

My daughter Vera calls it a “kids salad” — a bowl of rice and broccoli with melted cheese.

Sounds delicious.

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