“I just walked down that road, to maybe get a bus home. Well, I just don’t care about if I get home or not. My feet hurt and my legs are cold. But even that has no meaning now. There was nothing. So I just walked. Tears burn in my eyes, but I did not let them out. I didn’t want to look like crap on his way. What would you say, if it was the last time you saw me? The last time you felt my hug, heard me close the door silently behind you. My lips hurt from the lipstick I put on hours ago, but that doesn’t matter anyway. So I go to the bus, driving home. “Home.” What is home? Since she left us? My heart is broken since this day, thirteen years ago. I didn’t live, I just hold you together. See, that you are okay. Now you are. And I’m done. I’m so done. For what am I going on? There were many people out here, having fun and getting drunk. And then there is me. And I just wanted to be dead. It hurts. Since she left us. I’m so over it. I’m sorry,my voice breaks. Just a moment.“

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