A Life’s Work
Clint Betts

We start off on this journey thinking that it’s going to lead to one thing, but instead, invariably, it leads to many others.

Our humanity cannot be disregarded, but we are all guilty, to some extent, of operating as if it could.

I don’t know that I believe in balance, but I believe in lots of other things including myself and the people I choose to surround myself with. I also believe that being consumed by trying to make everyone’s lives a little better is a worthy pursuit. What is increasingly evident to me is that it cannot REALLY be obtained, only striven for. For me, that makes improvement eternal.

The trouble is, we can only do so much during the short time we’re alive.

To my mind, improvement increases options and an increase in options creates an increase in happiness so we continue to try, despite the trials that are so frustratingly present. Ours is to keep pushing anyway.

Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment as it intersected with your work, and thank you for continuing to push.