The One Document You Need For Every Interview (And It’s Not Your Resume)

Spatting off your resume isn’t nearly enough. You need this instead…

Aug 6, 2018 · 5 min read

Most resumes are a load of crap.

They’re a 30,000ft view of you, but more often than not, they’re one of two things.

They’re exaggerated or severely neglected.

Maybe someone will surprise me one of these days and have an exaggerated neglected resume.

In the article, “Why Your Resume Belongs In A Paper Shredder & How To Fix It“, I teased the concept that interviewees need a value document.

The value document is an asset that tells the Hiring Manager why you’re the one for a specific career opportunity.

It’s a glorified cover letter.

Think about it.

Would you rather have someone tell you their name and job description, or their name and how they’ve created value in the past and will create value for you…today?

I hope the answer is obvious, if not…

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If I were hiring me for my CEO roll, my value document would sound like this.

“Dear Board of Directors,

Companies fail in three areas.

One, they don’t strategically increase gross profits, they fail to cut wasteful expenses intelligently, and they sorely neglect to develop a team that is passionate and aligned with the vision, mission, values, and goal (singular, for a reason) of the organization.

As a former CEO of an eight-figure firm, I’ll help change that or make it better for your organization.

My first order of business is to review how we get and keep customers. If there’s trouble in this area, I’ll find it, and as a team, we’ll immediately begin fixing the most critical areas.

Then, we’ll update our organizational Playbook. It’ll be simple, so everyone knows where we stand at all times. It’s a living document we’ll live and breath.

The team will speak of our vision. We’ll hire and train based on our core values. Everyone will be aligned on one singular goal which we actively discuss and track on various scoreboards.

Accountability is our virtue.

As we do this, we’ll give the team a home away from home. A place people want to come too as they’ll love what they do. They’ll have a purpose. They’ll be respected.

This first starts with the executive team.

In doing these few things, you’ll begin to see an increase in your gross profit and operating margin while dramatically improving your labor efficiency ratio.

My philosophy isn’t cash is king. Cash flow is king. I’ll dive deep into this area as well.

Each one of these takes focus and skill. It’s always easier said than done.

This is why I’ve created a productivity and goal system I live by, and I teach it to my teams.

I’m so confident in what I can do for your organization, that my first two months I’ll take a two month, 15% salary reduction. And after that, based on how you the board feels I’ve done thus far, it will go up to $…

I can start tomorrow as a contractor as we navigate the paperwork.”

That’s a much better commercial than reciting I was merely the CEO of Skylink Group.

I’d change and modify this depending on where I wanted to contribute my skills.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Here’s how to create your value document to use for every job you want. It even works when trying to acquire clients.

Step 1: Take inventory of the skills you possess.

Make a list of 20 things. Dig deep and think about all of the skills you possess.

Don’t just limit yourself to a career area, like facebook marketing.

Dig deeper.

Step 2: What are the 3–5 skills you possess that an organization would benefit from.

Now its time to narrow your focus.

What are the five unique skills you possess that an organization would die to have?

Combine your unique skills that will stand out from everyone else.

If a company is hiring a digital marketer, most people are going to talk about Facebook advertising.

Step 3: Turn your skills into a value proposition.

These are the skills I’d make sure were known…

“I’m a direct response copywriter that motivates people to take action from my words.

I’ve personally written over 250,000 words on the back of a content marketing strategy that I use to build trust with cold and warm audiences.

Facebook and all digital marketing platforms are Mediums but no matter the medium, I follow the same marketing principles used for the past 100 years.

I’m a certified digital, content, email marketer who has put hundreds of hours into learning and applying.

I’m skilled at motivating and coaching, which helps future clients trust me as a personal brand. I share everything business related publicly.

I’ve built and managed teams that focus on results and accountability. Time nor money is wasted under my control.

Finally, I’m an expert negotiator having bought and sold millions of dollars of products and services.

If you combine all of these skills into a powerhouse of a digital marketer, you’ll see the impact on your organization.

If you’re looking for a uniquely skilled professional who knows how to get and keep clients through specialized marketing strategies, build trust, grow teams and negotiate like the best, I’m your gentlemen.”

See how I combined skills into something that’s unique to me?

This is how you’ll stand out in the world. This is how you’ll get the career you want and deserve.

Don’t be passive. Be proactive

Your wings,

Nate Anglin

Nate Anglin

Written by

Int'l CEO of Skylink Group, founder of JetFuel Coffee. Thrive: Optimizing Lifes Potential. Join Me →

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