Hello World!

Wassup interweb!

I doubt we’ve met, so let me introduce myself — I’m Nate Baker: a Cali kid from the San Francisco Bay Area trying to make it in the world of design.

My path has been a circuitous one, but every stop on the journey has made the next step clearer. I got a BA in International Relations with a minor in Chinese from Stanford University, but opted to pursue a career in advertising. Since graduating in 2013 I’ve been fortunate enough to work in account management at well known NY agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Goodby Silverstein & Partners and most recently BBH.

The time spent at these agencies made it increasingly clear each year that I didn’t want to just work in a creative industry, I wanted to be creative. I needed to be creative.

What finally put me over the edge was a review I had in March. I got mostly positive feedback but it was one comment that made me rethink my future, “you know what, Nate? Sometimes it seems like you don’t enjoy being here.” Light bulbs immediately went off — “you’re right! I hate it here. When can I quit?” But I couldn’t say that during my review haha. (Note: BBH is filled with some of the kindest people I’ve met in advertising. My frustration is a reflection of my own un-fulfilled potential not the working environment)

It was at that point I started rethinking my career and life goals. And thus began the path that led me to UX and General Assembly’s intensive UXDI course.

Sometimes the end truly is the beginning.

That review and the moment I went in to quit my job were two of the most liberating experiences I’ve had in recent memory, because the sandbox of potential drastically changed from a puddle to an ocean. From finite to infinite. The possibilities were endless.

I can’t wait to kick off General Assembly’s UXDI course this November and dive head first into UX. Hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot from me.

Peace & Love,