Listen Up, Progressives: Here’s How to Deal with a 4Chan (“Alt-Right”) Troll
Seth Abramson

As usual the entire point of trolling is lost. Then again I’ve been around the internet a very long time. I’m sure the vast majority of readers here don’t remember NNTP or even IRC of the 90s.

It’s just wonderful that nobody gets the true points of this sort of thing. It’s just been weaponized because of progressive globalism is destroying the identity of those that were perceived to hold all the power before.

Basically when you poke a sleeping bear you better be ready to get mauled. Shit posting is just a form of defense because opposite beliefs are seen to be wrong.

I truly hate the left and the entire concepts of socialism. I believe in free markets and absolute freedom. I’m an anarcho-capitalist yet that means the left calls me a Nazi now. I have nothing in common with that what so ever.

When feelings trump facts in any ideology there’s something wrong with it. When that ideology also includes state sponsored use of force to redistribute wealth because of the oppression olympics there’s something wrong with it.

So if you really delve into this new meme culture there’s irony hidden in most of the memes. It’s done to make lefties think and get red pilled. So that maybe one day they will realize that freedom is better than the enslavement they push for.