Tech and Business Readings

Product, Design, Leadership, Management, Fundraising



Talent & Culture

  • Trust Batteries and Jungle Gyms: some great ideas and metaphors from the CEO of Shopify on building great culture
  • Developing Your People: First Round Review with Candor co-founder and COO Russ Laraway, broken down into three suggested kinds of conversations to have with every employee.

Marketing & Branding


  • Three Pricing Tips: from Michael Dearing, drawing attention to the incentive to buy: the gap between perceived value and price
  • The Price is Right: a rather comprehensive framework/approach to determining market prices from Patrick Campbell, CEO of Price Intelligently
  • Emerging model that I like: Start free. Make it better. Create a pricing tier once the value is there. Keep enriching the product. Create another pricing tier. Make it even better. Make the tiers more expensive while rolling some things down to lower tiers. Continue.