Lefties Need To Stop Being Shy About Working With The Anti-Establishment Right
Caitlin Johnstone

In the spirit of this article, and working with folks of differing ideologies… I think a winning strategy could be to build a movement of left and right citizens working together to destroy the establishment and to get money out of our politics once and for all. The movement could call themselves “Drain the Swampers (DTSers)” or something like that. The keys to the strategy could start with a list of foundational platform planks that go something like this. 1) Educated professionals run for legislative seats for ONE TERM ONLY. If you’re not a career politician you’re difficult to corrupt. After your single term you pass on all the lessons you’ve learned to the next DTSer to win the seat, regardless of their leftness/rightness, and you go back to your original career. 2) As a DTSer you promise never to take corporate donations. 3) As a DTSer you promise to never even sit for a meeting with a corporate lobbyist. 4) As a DTSer you will push for constitutional amendments that would make campaign finance 100% publically funded and equal across all parties. 5) As a DTSer you will push legislation to outlaw corporate lobbying and destroy the “revolving door” that has fostered rampant corruption. 6) As a DTSer you will push legislation to articulate laws for how political parties are to be run, in order to enable any articulate intelligent citizen with popular ideas to rise up the ranks of a party and win political office. 7) As a DTSer you will push to break up the MSM conglomerates to destroy the establishment propaganda machine and get us a collection of competing watchdog news media organizations that actually work to investigate stories and provide us the information needed for a democracy. More work to be done here, but I’m sure you can imagine how the millions of Americans who are fed up with the establishment could really get excited about voting for DTSers from either side of the aisle and winning back an actual functioning democracy in this country. I can’t imagine a congress with a super majority of DTSers and a DTSer president ever making pro-MIC foreign policy endangering us and the rest of the world by pursuing any more regime change nonsense. I can’t imagine a government of DTSers ever bowing to the medical insurance industry or big pharma. The possibilities for doing good are really endless if you think of the potential of a government truly of the people. Please share this and comment on it. I’d love to hear your ideas for ways to refine this strategy, and pitfalls you can think of. If something like this started to gain traction it would be enemy number one of the oligarchy and it would come under heavy attack on all fronts. They’ve succeeded in holding power to this point because they’ve managed to keep us divided. Imagine what could be accomplished if coastal liberals joined forces with middle American conservatives in a laser focused effort to win back our democracy.

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