This Is Why You Need to Delete Facebook

Creating this image was extremely satisfying.

Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or Medium.

What in the Sam Hill are you talking about, Nate?

Social media algorithms are being continuously fine tuned to punish content creators for having a life, all while Facebook makes a killing in advertisement fees that we provide the eyes for.

Yep, Facebook has been pushing full steam ahead for quite some time now to ruin Instagram just as much as they’ve ruined their own platform.

I’ve recently witnessed a few notable artists I follow announce they’d like to abandon Facebook altogether for Instagram, only to then be hit with news of even more algorithm changes to Instagram that will make it even harder to build a following in 2018.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Facebook be like:

We’re making Instagram better for you!
When you publish the original content you worked excruciatingly hard to produce, we’ll show it to a whopping 10% of your followers, and if not enough of them like or comment on it right away then we won’t even bother showing it to any of your other followers.
You’d better hope we show the right 10% of your people, ah-hyuck hyuck!

What a dream come true for content creators.

Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg.

After all, why should you trust your users to moderate their own feeds?

You Shouldn’t, of Course

“Mother knows best.”
— Rapunzel's fake-ass witch-mom

Mr. Zuckerberg is under the impression that if he doesn’t show us what he thinks we want to see, we might get bored and leave his precious site.

And he needs our eyes, our special eyes, to generate his precious ad revenue.

Think of the profits at stake! *gasp*

If Algorithms Are Built With Good Intentions

Then the road to hell is paved with algorithms.

The algorithmic quest to only show users content that has been determined to have a higher probability of engagement is fundamentally flawed.

Users want to see what they say they want to see.

They don’t want to only sometimes see it.

And they certainly don’t want to be shown content deemed by an algorithm to be successful at distracting them instead.

The algorithms are objectively making users lives worse.

Mr. Zuckerberg agrees, evidenced by his post on Facebook:

“Based on this, we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”

He then goes on to say that “you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media.”

Bad news for content creators. I can see a lot of them switching over to personal accounts because of this decision.

Even so, they’ll still have to provide “meaningful social interaction.”

Congratulations, You’re Getting Engaged

Showing users more of what they react to is part of the reason ‘fake news’ blew up in the first place.

All engagements aren’t equal, and at times they aren’t even indicative of how much the users actually care about something. There are pages I never like or comment on simply because I don’t want them to show up in all of my family and friends feeds constantly. #lewd

To hack the algorithm, content creators are basically being forced to set emotional traps. So, you end up with nothing but over the top personalities and inadvertently create a world wide web of Logan Paul's.

If I see a Logan Paul video, and engage with it by saying, rather appropriately I might add, ‘fuck off you stupid prick,’ that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for the algorithm to continue to show me Logan Paul videos.

Meanwhile, I scrolled past a drawing by some guy I actually know, totally loved it, and really meant to come back to it, but I was just a bit distracted by my Logan Paul induced rage and forgot to leave a comment.

Ooh, look, there’s a meme related to my rage!

Naturally, the algorithm dropped the post I wanted to see down the feed hole.

So yeah, I probably won’t be seeing more of what I actually wanted, even though I already said I wanted to see it by clicking the god damn follow button.

Instead, the algorithm thinks it’s a better idea to show me the idiotic Logan Paul garbage I don’t even follow, because some numb-skull, who I apparently also shouldn’t be following, liked it.

Maybe I’m wrong about all of this, and none of it works this way, and somebody will comment on here to set me straight. I’d actually sincerely appreciate that.

But then again, I’m also still waiting for someone to wake me up from the living nightmare that is the Trump presidency.

So I guess won’t hold my breath.

Is It Really Necessary To Take It This Far?

To grow an audience, new content creators are being forced to opt for quantity over quality and to appeal to users in all the wrong ways.

We should ask ourselves:

Do we want every company to act like the sassy Wendy’s account on Twitter?
Does every user on the internet need to become a Meme Lord?
Do we want every entertainer to be a caricature of a pop self-identity?

I don’t. Not really.

But if this is the road we’re forced to travel, then I have some pointed advice.

Tell The Algorithms To Go Fuck Themselves

Here’s my 2018 algorithm escape plan, feel free to copy.

  • Due to the insanely increased effort and time needed to keep up with the algorithms, delete yourself from all but one or two social media platforms where you can best showcase your work
  • Yes, actually delete your accounts, because those loser platforms are just time vampires to you, and you need to focus now more than ever
  • Research, develop and execute a daily plan of attack to grow your following on your chosen platforms
  • Funnel your followers from those social media platforms to your mailing list where you actually have control, and your followers can actually get the content they wanted from you in the first place

Once you have your followers on your mailing list, you won’t have to worry about the algorithms anymore, now will you?

And if shit happens to hit the fan and Instagram goes belly up, you won’t lose your audience and they won’t lose you.

Fuck the algorithms.

Delete Facebook.

Take control of your life.