17th April 2019

Singapore Seitee Pte Ltd is proud to announce that our pioneer technology of “NATEE — Mobile Decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage” which incubated under NUS enterprise, have been working closely with XSQ Digital and its incubated project ShuttleOne (www.shuttle.one) to form a joint venture to power the payment processing industry and its relevant fintech incumbents.

The joint venture will focus on market developments of its products and services and in tandem invest in research joint ventures in technological innovation within the blockchain segment.

ShuttleOne Legion In the past 6 months, ShuttleOne has been developing…

Robust Computing Workload Management for Mobile Decentralized Computing Systems

We consider a mobile decentralized cloud computing system (Figure above). The system is composed of mobile computing units, e.g., smart phones with available CPU, GPU, memory, and other computing resources. The computing units run the NATEE platform (https://natee.io/) for receiving and processing computing workload submitted by application users.

However, the computing units have different reliability levels. For example, if the computing units have a constant energy supply, e.g., power outlet, and a high-speed wireless connection, e.g., Wi-Fi, the computing units are considered to be highly reliable.

To achieve the objective (for…

Seitee Pte Ltd was selected to one of the exhibitors under NUS Enterprise umbrella during 5th & 6th June 2018

Prior to this event, NATEE team had been working hard to get the first prototyping of NATEE decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage done. We had successfully integrated the SDK into our business partner “Real Members” whose already had established as one of the top mobile app in Thailand.

Back in Nov 2017, just a little over 4 months after incorporating Seitee Pte Ltd in Singapore. The CEO had come to NUS Enterprise to pitch NATEE Grid Computing deck to committees from the National University Of Singapore and two weeks later, the CEO was informed by NUS Enterprise that NATEE Grid Computing project was chosen and Seitee Pte Ltd would be one of their incubatees starting from Jan 1, 2018. Good news indeed !

Although, the incubation program had started (Since Jan,2018) and we’re offered office space either Block 71 or The Hangar but we wanted to focused on…

NATEE Decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage

NATEE Decentralized Cloud Computing and Storage from mobile devices by Seitee Pte Ltd Singapore https://natee.io

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