Product Management
Bart Elison

DISCLAIMER: First attempt at responding to a post (story?). I am used to trolling using just comments.

First off, interesting and thought provoking ideas, and refreshing transparency into some of y(our) former employer’s inner workings. I imagine many if not all of us in the tech space face very similar challenges. It is always interesting and often helpful to see how those problems manifest in and are handled by other organizations.

In a reference to two posts at once, I want to suggest that being pedantic about roles is counter to achieving the goal of a team or organization.

Our humanity is indispensable to accomplishing the highly collaborative and creative work of developing and marketing a valuable new product. As humans we have interests and competencies that are difficult if not impossible to perfectly categorize. Our motivation and our effectiveness stem from our interests and competencies.

From a communication perspective, I wonder if comments such as “PM’s should do this and developers should do that” belie ones personal preferences; i.e. “I want to do this, and I want you to do that.” A not unhelpful awareness if accurate.