THAT WAS AN AWESOME SHOW!!! Um…Where’s the Merch

It is only a few times a year that I go and see a show where I spend more than $30 a ticket, and I’m usually going to see a band that I already love. Very seldom am I let down by these shows. When I experience something amazing, I love buying a t-shirt from the band to help support them and to remember the show.

There is one show in particular that I went to in where I was very dumbfounded. I had traveled down to Iowa to see a festival a few years back with some friends. I went to go see one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, and they were playing for free. I was in high anticipation to see them. I went to go check out the merch as soon as I arrived, and was shocked. They only had 3 t-shirts and their latest album. I thought it odd, but then reasoned in my head that they might have just arrived and will unload the merch by the time the show is over.

I was not let down by the show. To this day it was one of the best shows I have seen. The band played their music with such expertise, and they were so charming. Everything was just wonderful. I go to look at their merch again on my way out, and still nothing! At that point I was upset and found myself responding like a child. I said, “fine I guess you don’t want my money”. On my way home, I could not figure out why a nationally touring band that just had their first album blow up would bring such a sad merch set-up to a show. I felt like my band’s merch table was better, which still isn’t saying very much.

I remember going home and checking out the website to even see if they had merch on there. Of course, there it was. They had a sea of merch. You could get just about anything. It still remains a major mystery to me, and I have yet to see another show of theirs and couldn’t tell you if their merch set-up had changed at all.

If you were to log on today you would find t-shirts, women’s shirts, sweatshirts, kid’s shirts, music, posters, side projects, and miscellaneous which is my personal favorite. I love their massive selection. I am sure to find something that is in my taste. Each section offers almost 20 different options. There are also various price points based on sales of older t-shirts so I know I can afford at least one thing. Their miscellaneous page has a skateboard, belt buckle, and backpack. I love odd things like this. I like their variety with their clothing. Different styles for different tastes. The online store is even very simple and interactive. I would give them an ‘A’ for the merch on their website.

Once again though, if they had all of this amazing merch, I cannot for the life of me figure out why they didn’t bring any of it to the festival. I only hope they changed that. I know I still haven’t purchased anything, and that’s mainly because it doesn’t cross my mind at all.

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