Photographer x Chef, a podcast?

When I came into 2017 I had a lot of goals in mind. I wanted to push myself, I wanted to create more and I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I went about this just as many people would with their “new years” resolutions. I started off strong the first few weeks. I began going out and taking more photos, and shooting more. I also began looking for new ways I could create. At about two weeks in I started to lack motivation and eventually stopped trying all together. What was the culprit of this low energy, no motivation rut I fell into? I had no idea. I was at a road-block. That was until one Sunday night I got an odd text at 1 am from my boss/close friend. It read this.

Yo, lets start a podcast.

That’s all it took, just one text. Though I didnt know what a podcast really consisted of I was excited. I knew that it was an awesome opportunity to be able to speak out and also speak up about issues, culture and the world. With the excitement also came many questions.

How will we do this?

What will we need to invest in equipment-wise?

And most importantly, why were we going to do this?

These were all questions that we wrote out during our first brainstorm. We not only wanted a captivating motive behind our project, we also wanted genuine motive. We proceeded brainstorming. Eventually we came to the idea of having an artisan based perspective on our talks. We wrote down our plan to speak from two very different forms of art, photography and culinary art. From these perspectives we would talk on culture, trends, politics, etc. After the excitement of our seemingly solid start, we came across a very important and unanswered questions.


This was still left unanswered. We had figured out our initiative and our goals along with a good cornerstone for our feel to the show. But why were we doing it? As we sat in Cory’s (my boss) dim lit kitchen in silence, we had no answers. But we knew that it was imporant. We had to figure out why we wanted to do this podcast besides the underlying idea of having a cool thing to do on Sunday nights.

With this question in need of an answer, I began to doubt. How would we be able to commit to something if we cant even figure out the inspiration and meaning behind it? We were just dumb millineals, scheming about another idea we probably wouldnt follow through with. This is about the point I wanted to say “sike lets just stick to what we know”. This was also the point in which it all came together in my head. We were both millineals. Cory being born in 1990 made him more seasoned and older. Me, having just turned 19, meant that I was apart of a younger millineal group. I also realized all these doubts I was having, Cory also was having. We realized all our lives we had been told we were apart of a low motivated, self absorbed, “no goal” oriented generation. Senior generations had constantly told us of our flaws and the weaknesses that things such as technology and media did to our work ethic and motives. But they werent always right. Matter of fact hardly ever. Both Corey and I always had a heart for people, a passion for the things we loved and a longing to help and contribute to the world we lived in. All these dreams and ambitions seemed to be put on the back burner to the doubts that had been instilled in us. That was the cause of our struggle to find meaning in our podcast. It was also the meaning itself. We realized that our generation has been layed to bed with a blanket of negativity and low self worth. That a lot of us young people found it hard to comply to what we were told, and only because we had passions of our own. We found it hard to find a meaning. We, as a generation, couldnt figure out our why. Just as we couldn’t figure out our why for the podcast. That’s the light bulb that struck me. We were going to speak and spread our passion, our motive and our love for people through our newly found oppurtinity. We were going to defy every negative stigma placed on millineals.

We were going to let the world know we weren’t just spoiled kids with smart watches, we were hungry. Ambitious. We had our why. From the perspective of two millineal artisans, we are going to tell our story. We are going to speak our passions, our ambitions and our views on the culture and politics of the world. So whats the point of me blogging this? Well… stay tuned for our launch date for our first episode and also our website. But most importantly I encourage every single person who comes across this blog or our podcast or our work to remember one thing. You have a why. Find it and it will push the world forward in ways you couldnt imagine. This is what we believe. This is our initiative. Whats yours? But hey you don’t have to listen to us, we are just a photographer and a chef.