Sharing Our Name


It is bewildering how a word can be simultaneously daunting and exulting. The utterance of the word can remind us that we as humans are given the opportunity to just exist, but it can also submit us to an entire reevaluation of our life’s intentions.

An image of complacency flashes in my head, and I immediately start to feel uneasy at the notion of neglecting the opportunities that protrude their way into my life’s path. Questions regarding meaning start to interweave until I have a tumultuous game of Cat’s Cradle within my own head. As I read about lead levels in Indiana, the current status of Aleppo or horrific socio-economic conditions in Milwaukee, I cannot help but garner a nihilistic perspective on things.

These feelings start to diminish, however, as I feel warmth from subtle rays of light that pierce their way through an opaque canopy of negativity. Although I am fortunate enough to have many lights in my own life, I know it to be true that my family is the brightest of them all.

As a self-proclaimed music enthusiast who is a sucker for sentimental lyrics, there is one in particular that resonates with me most:

“Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name.”

Until I am a decrepit, dusty old man, I will always advocate for love, because I believe it is single-handedly the greatest thing we have in this life. It evokes an authentic sense of self that we never realized was within us. It helps sift through all of the meaningless, trivial vanities that fill our life, and remind us to say “I love you,” a little bit more. When we do this, we empathize, we feel, we share and we unify. My family helps me realize this every single day.

I may be still looking for a sense of purpose, but I know for a fact that my sister, Jess, and her soon-to-be husband, Zach, have found purpose within each other. With their wedding only a couple of days away, I find myself in awe and appreciation of their love. The bond that they have is something that people often about dream about. When they are together, they are kindling an authentic meaning of life that is so triumphant, that I cannot help but feel inspired to go appreciate the perplexing life around me.

Jess has always been one of my best friends; she is someone who I always aspired to be like: an intentional individual who sought to make someone’s day better. When I see that she found a counterpart in Zach, I am reminded of the wonders that underly the exultance of love. We all deserve to experience a love like that, because meaning and purpose attach themselves to it. When we are in an environment that fosters love, we are able to take enlightenment as a by-product and use it to help others find their own meaning.

I am grateful that Jess and Zach get to experience the love that lets them share their name, and for those reading this, I hope that you too will find an authentic love that makes the word “purpose” seem more exulting than it does daunting. Congratulations Jess and Zach!

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