Who Can Stop the Warriors?

The best team in NBA history: unstoppable, dominant, cohesive. The Golden State Warriors have assembled questionably the best team to ever grace an NBA court. Love them or hate them, you have to respect them. They have become the hardest team to beat in the NBA and there are many reasons why. They score with ease and have a very solid defense. They run the score up to the point teams have trouble keeping up. Will they continue to dominate? Absolutely.

The warriors point guard is one of the best players in the league. Stephen Curry can make plays not many players can. He is known as one of the best passers in the NBA and is the best shooter in NBA history. Stephen Curry is truly incredible in the way that he is always making plays. He is the first player to win a unanimous MVP. This means there was nobody even close to him; everyone who voted agreed he was the best player in the NBA. He set the record for most three pointers in a season in the 2015–16 season, then went on the beat his own record in the 2016–17 season. He holds a slew of other three point records, which goes to show how consistent he is. Stephen Curry changed the game with his shooting ability and has led the warriors to 4 consecutive finals.

Along with Stephen Curry, the Warriors have another elite shooter in Klay Thompson. The two of them have formed a duo by the name of “The Splash Bros.” Klay Thompson is a deadeye shooter with the ability to score a lot of points in not a lot of time. One example of this is his record setting scoring outburst against the Sacramento Kings in 2016. Klay Thompson scored 37 points in one quarter. The league leader, teammate Stephen Curry, led the league in points that season by scoring 30.7 points a game. That means he scored more points than the league leader scores in a game, in ¼ the time. Along with being able to shoot lights out, he is a lockdown defender and can matchup against almost anyone. Klay affects the game in so many ways and is a key component to the Warriors dominance.

“The Splash Bros” provide a great boost from behind the three point line, all the warriors need is someone who can do it all, and they have just the person. Kevin Durant made his way to the Warriors for the 2016–17 season and he never looked back. His decision was very controversial and he fell under great scrutiny from the media. All though this was tough for him, he went on the play one of the best seasons of his career, averaging 25.1 points a game and led the Warriors to the NBA championship. Kevin Durant was always a viable option for the Warriors to turn to and this was even more evident in the finals. He averaged 35.2 points and went on to win the finals MVP.

The player I think is most important to the Warriors success is Stephen Curry. He is the glue of the team and having him on the court makes the whole team better. Without Curry, the Warriors would lack a key leader on the court.

With all of these players returning, it will be very hard for teams to keep up with the nonstop scoring, just like it has been for the last 4 years. I believe the Warriors will be making a fifth straight appearance in the NBA championship this year, and I think they are going to win it. All of the major players on the team have returned and I don’t see why we won’t see more of the same.

The Warriors have the kind of team every coach dreams of, a team that enjoys being around each other on and off the court and a team who will do anything to win. I think the warriors could put up a fight against any NBA team in history, simply because they would just outscore them. I will be shocked if the Warriors don’t return to the NBA finals and win for the second year in a row.

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